Shacks & Shanties Inspection Services offers professional inspections for residential properties, adhering to InterNACHI’s excellent Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics. Residential inspections include a 90-day gap home warranty, buy-back guarantee, home maintenance and safe home books, and many more value-added extras at no additional cost.

In our General Home Inspection, we’ll perform a thorough, non-invasive evaluation of most readily accessible systems and components of a residential property.

Inspected areas include but are not limited to:

  • Roof
  • Foundation & Crawl Space
  • Basement
  • Exterior (cladding, doors, windows, soffits, fascias)
  • Driveway & Walkways
  • Deck, Porch, & Patio
  • Attached Garage
  • Interior (floors, walls, ceilings, doors, windows)
  • Electrical System
  • Plumbing System
  • HVAC Systems
  • Fireplace & Chimney
  • Built-in Appliances
  • Attic, Ventilation, & Insulation

Residential, Commercial and Ancillary Services

Residential Inspection

Our residential inspection typically covers between 80 to 120+ different systems and components. This inspection will meet and in most cases, exceed InterNACHI standards of practice. All residential inspections include our buy-back guarantee, a 90-day gap home warranty, one-year Home Owner’s Network membership, home maintenance and safe some books, and much more.

Move-In Certified Inspection

Before putting a home on the market, accurately knowing its condition can benefit you in numerous ways. A seller Move-In Certified inspection will identify any deficiencies with structural components or mechanical systems so that you can address them at your own discretion. This gives you a better understanding of your home’s value and mitigates the possibility of findings in a buyer’s inspection leading to stalled real estate negotiations.

Repair Estimates

The Repair Pricer process is fast, easy, and guaranteed to help you make the right decisions when purchasing a home. Just use the form below to upload your report. These pricing reports not only make the inspection report easy to understand in terms of dollars and cents, but they are also amazingly useful negotiation tools.

Repair Verification

When repairs are made based on the inspection report, it’s a good idea to have them re-inspected to ensure completion. This will generate an additional written report of those summary items re-inspected.

Home Maintenance Inspection

A Home Maintenance Inspection is a great idea for both first-time and long-standing homeowners. By having the readily accessible areas of your home evaluated for deficiencies, you’re empowered with the knowledge necessary to remediate any issues and improve the property’s overall condition. For new homeowners, a Home Maintenance Inspection can give you a better understanding of the particular complexities of your home and how to recognize when specific components require attention.

Aging in Place

Residential inspection that is centered around accessibility and safety for older homeowners and residents that want to stay in their homes as they age. Typically covers 80 to 120 different items, with a report on recommendations for making the home safer and more accessible. This inspection will meet and in most cases, exceed InterNACHI standards of practice. All aging-in-place inspections include a 90-day home warranty, one-year Home Owner’s Network membership, and a home maintenance book.

Water System/Well Inspection

An undamaged and fully operational water system is essential to any residential or commercial property. We offer a visual Water System Inspection to determine if any defects are present that could affect the distribution or quality of water. If issues are discovered or suspected, we will refer you to vetted specialists in the area who can comprehensively evaluate the system.

Radon Testing

Deep underground, radon forms from the decomposition of certain types of rock and soil. The radioactive gas can then rise above the surface and into the circulated air of a home. Radon has been found to contribute to lung cancer and other serious respiratory issues. Radon is invisible and odorless, unable to be detected by conventional means. Shacks & Shanties Inspection Services is trained to test for radon, using the advanced instruments required for detection of this potentially dangerous compound.

When buying or selling a home, you deserve a quality inspection that will educate you on a property’s condition in a way that’s honest, friendly, and decidedly helpful.

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